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While most travel companies focus on well-worn paths to places that are now overcrowded, at Keen Adventures we offer truly off-the-beaten track trips and unique experiences. We have traveled extensively within the countries and regions we offer and have personally crafted each tour, taking into consideration that all travelers are different. We believe that the diversity of our trips is unrivaled: from volcano treks, tribal festivals, ancient monasteries and temples, undiscovered tropical islands, wild safaris, lost cities, and much more. 

We are passionate travelers and have ventured broadly, and, as such, we bring an intimate knowledge of travel to each of our trips. Our focus is on providing awe-inspiring trips and ensuring that our trips benefit the local communities directly, hence we plough back some of our profits into local projects.

We have gone out of our way to find truly off-the-beaten track places. We have a genuine passion for travel and believe that our trips offer everything a traveler would want in a package trip. Our tours have also been designed in a way which benefits the local communities, keeping alive ancient traditions and investing in local development projects. 

We also prefer to keep group sizes to a maximum of 12 with the dual purposes of reducing the environmental and cultural impact of our trips as well as enabling closer contact with locals. We also feel that members get to know each other better if the group size is smaller, which makes for a better holiday experience for everyone. We personally review all of our trips ensuring that our high standards are always maintained and we handpick professional, experienced, local operators and friendly guides so we know we can rest easy in the knowledge that they will ensure your trip runs smoothly.

Keen Adventures specializes in destinations that are generally undiscovered and off the tourist trail. Therefore, in many instances it can be surprisingly difficult to organize a cohesive trip independently. Through extensive travel in these regions, Keen has first-hand knowledge of these places and has developed excellent contacts on the ground. Some places also require permits, so we take care of these bureaucratic formalities for you. We provide local guides who are experts in their regions. We also act as a point of contact for all arrangements, give you financial protection and due to our relationships with suppliers, are able to offer you the best trips for the most reasonable prices available.

We have also traveled independently, and while it is often the best way to travel it does depend on the destination and the difficulty of arranging things. Our trips have been designed with people like you in mind and in such a way that we include as much free time as possible and you will generally be free to participate as much or as little as you want. By keeping our group size down to 12, we are offering the best of both worlds: the camaraderie of a group and the flexibility for you to have some ‘me-time’ too.

It is best to book your spot as soon as possible to ensure your place on a specific trip since we do not take more than 12 people in a group. It also helps us to arrange your flight booking if need be in advance ensuring we can get you the best price.

For scheduled group departures, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is paid at the time of booking or 10% for custom trips. A second payment (40% of the trip cost less deposit) is due 3 months before departure. The final balance is paid 60 days before the trip start date. If the trip starts within 60 days of booking, then the full amount is payable. If you require us to book your international flight, then full payment for this has to be made in advance.

Should you wish to cancel your adventure, you must notify us as soon as possible. Please advise the reason for cancellation as you may be covered by your insurance policy. In the event of cancellation, all flight costs will be forfeited. In certain instances, some flight costs may be recoverable by you. The following cancellation charges apply:
Over 70 days Deposit
; 31 – 70 days 50% of total trip price
; 11 – 30 days 90% of total trip price
; 0 – 10 days 100% of total trip price

If you wish to transfer to another trip cancellation charges may apply depending on services booked for which we cannot receive compensation or transfer to a future date. See our booking conditions here. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

We encourage people to pay online directly via our secure payment system using a credit card or in some cases a bank transfer will be accepted within the United States and Canada. We also accept checks.

Yes. Most of our trips have the option of arriving in the destination country independently or booking flights through us. Both prices are displayed on individual trip pages. The flight prices quoted are for flights from United States and Canadian airports. We can also organize departures from regional airports in the US and Canada and airports in other countries. Please contact us for more information.

We firmly believe in being upfront with our customers, and avoid hidden extras like ‘local payments’. The prices quoted are inclusive of internal airfares (and international flights from the US and Canada where indicated), transfers, ground transportation, accommodation, meals as indicated in the suggested trip plans, permits and entrance fees to sites and parks, where applicable. You should refer to the ‘Trip Plan Details’ tab on the individual trip page on our website or at the end of a printed itinerary for a comprehensive list, as this will vary according to the trip. There are sometimes ‘add-on’ activities, such as paragliding or snorkeling and these would not be included in the published price. Activities that are not included are specified clearly in the individual trip plans.

If single travelers are happy to share a room with another same sex single traveler; there will be no charge for a single supplement. However, if you would like your own room, a single supplement will be required and this rate varies between trips and is indicated on individual trip plans webpage or at the end of a printed itinerary.

Keen Adventures is fully bonded by Hiscox. This means that your trip with Keen Adventures is 100% financially guaranteed so you can relax and look forward to a trip of a lifetime. 

A copy of the policy is available on request.

In some instances your visa is arranged on arrival and is included as part of the tour cost (e.g. Vietnam). In other instances, such as India, we can organize reasonably priced fast track visa services with our partner company – Peninsula Visa You can download the visa application form at: Please ask us if you are not sure about your visa requirements.

All customers must have the relevant personal travel insurance suitable for the region they are traveling to. Keen Adventures offers very competitive insurance through our own insurance providers, making it even easier for you to organize your trip. 

However, Keen recognizes, and you must also recognize, that for a very small minority of regions, insurance is either impossible to obtain, or is just commercially unviable for Keen to obtain in order to operate in areas where War and Terrorism (mostly non-insurable anyway) have recently been a factor of life. Therefore we recognize and accept that you will not be covered in those regions/countries, but you must also recognize and accept that Keen and its staff are also not covered in these areas. Nevertheless, you should still purchase travel insurance, which should cover you for holiday cancellation, etc. Please  about the insurance situation for any trips you are interested in.

Please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for up to date information in regards to vaccinations.

Keen Adventures takes safety and security very seriously. We constantly consult the US Department of State and our contacts locally on the ground, so we are up to date with the latest situation in the places we are visiting. We will always ensure that our customers and our staff are not put at any risk. It should be noted that for certain areas, the US Department of State advises against travel except when travelling as part of an organized group.

We constantly consult the US Department of State and our contacts on the ground so we are always up to date with the latest security situation wherever we are touring. We will amend the trip plan if there is any risk to the safety and security of the group. In the unlikely event that we are forced to cancel a trip due to a major incident, refunds will be applicable as per the terms and conditions of booking. However, it does not necessarily mean we will cancel trips simply because the US Department of State advice changes.

You will receive these up to 6 weeks prior to departure date.

About 4 weeks prior to departure, we will send you a travel pack including your final trip plan, list of emergency contacts, and check list, trip tips, any flight/train tickets if applicable, and any further information required for your trip.

If your flights are included in the price of the trip, you will probably be on the same flight as other members of your group. If you are flying out independently, you will most likely meet them in person at your hotel on the first day of your trip. We will also send a list of members in the group 4 weeks prior to departure so connections can be made via social media prior to trip plan departure.

Generally speaking a soft bag is better than one with rigid sides – they’re easier to fit into vehicles when you’re traveling. We generally don’t recommend hard sided suitcases or anything too big. We ask that you keep your luggage to a maximum of 20kg or 50lbs, and remember that there will be instances when you’ll need to carry it yourself. If your trip includes hiking or trekking, we strongly advise you to pack a backpack rather than a suitcase.

This depends on the trip you have booked. Most of our tours are off the beaten track and climates and terrains can vary during the tour. After booking you will be sent a checklist of essentials to bring with you on the trip. The most important thing is that you bring an open mind and sense of adventure!

Yes. We have had many travelers from outside the US or Canada join our trips. We welcome travelers from all countries as it adds to the diversity of the group and makes our trips all the more enjoyable. If you are based outside the US or Canada, you can always reach us on Skype: KEEN.ADVENTURES.

Responsible travel and the ‘carbon footprint’ have always been important to us, even before they hit the headlines. Furthermore, we educate our customers on the importance of responsible travel and our guides follow strict ethical guidelines, so that future generations can benefit from adventure tourism.

We do not accommodate young children on our scheduled group departures. However, for private trips, this is usually not a problem, depending on the nature of the trip. Some of our trip plans are quite demanding, however, and may not be suitable for children so please contact us for further information regarding individual family trips.

You don’t have to be an endurance athlete to participate in our trips! However, since our trips will involve some element of physical exercise (walking city trips at a minimum), and depending on the altitudes of some places we visit, it is advisable that you should have some degree of general fitness. However, should you not be able to do any particular trek or activity, we can often arrange an alternative activity ensuring you can still enjoy your trip. Please contact us with any specific questions you might have. We have included an activity rating on each of our trips to give you an indication of the level of physical demands it entails. Activity levels of 4 and 5 are more active trips and will require a decent level of fitness. Please contact us if you are unsure about the physical demands of any particular trip.

It varies according to the trip plan. For regular road travel we typically use air-conditioned and well-maintained vehicles where appropriate. However, on rougher terrain, we use jeeps. Private transport allows more flexibility and is often more comfortable, however part of the experience is to use local transport and therefore some trip plans include local trains, boats, canoes or camels! However we do not compromise on safety. For domestic as well as international flights we use reputable airlines.

Accommodation is an integral part of the travel adventure experience. We aim to provide you with accommodations that best represent the diversity of our trips. Our accommodations vary from traditional bamboo houses, delightful eco-camps, Buddhist and Orthodox monasteries, small guesthouses and boutique hotels and the occasional homestay. We have spent a lot of time researching accommodations with the best character. We want you to get the best cultural experience out of where you stay as well as being as comfortable as possible.

We have close contact with our local ground operators who will take care of your trip. For many trips we use English-speaking drivers in conjunction with experienced local guides. However, other trips we also use guides who escort the trip throughout.

Nothing is compulsory, so yes, you can opt out of any activity if you want to. We are flexible so alternative arrangements could be made. There may be extra charges depending on the alternative activity. Please discuss this with us at the time of booking. We do advise however, that you do not join a trekking trip if you feel you will not be able to complete it as this may disrupt the trip for other people. We aim to provide you with 100% customization of your ideal travel trip!

Yes, we can arrange accommodation and transport for you both before and after the trip dates. However, the cost of this is not included in the original trip price.

Keen Adventures aims to be the premier travel company for adventurous travelers, and we have designed our trips to be as flexible as possible. We understand that if you are visiting India for the first time for example, you may be interested in visiting some remote villages, but also want to take in some of the more conventional sites, such as the Taj Mahal. As such we offer a range of shorter trips that can be added on to your main trip. These can also be taken as stand-alone trips as long as we can get minimum numbers required.

Absolutely. If you’d like to travel privately then please contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a custom-made trip to your specifications. Please contact us to request a customized trip.

Yes. You can choose parts of different trip plans that appeal to you and we can custom-make a private trip to incorporate only those aspects.

No problem! If we have other customers who are looking to travel around the same date as you, we will happily accommodate you together. If you have your own group of 4-12 people, we can arrange the same trips or specialized trips on a date, which suits you! In fact if your group is big enough you may qualify for a discount.

We believe in keeping our group sizes to no more than 12 people to minimize the cultural and ecological footprint in the regions and communities we will be visiting. Since we often visit very remote areas, there is often very limited accommodation. Also, if the group size is limited, interactions with local people are more natural and organic, we find it is easier for travelers in the group to get to know each other better, and gives us extra flexibility on our tours.

Our minimum group size is typically four, and for some trips as low as two. In the event of a trip not reaching its minimum group size, we could still run the trip if you are ok with paying an additional surcharge so that we can cover our operational costs. Otherwise, we could postpone the trip until we reach sufficient numbers. We will try our utmost to ensure the trip runs, but if we have to cancel the trip for this reason, you will be offered a full refund.

Once we have the minimum number for a group trip, we will make the trip guaranteed. We do our best to make trips go ahead whenever possible. If we do need to cancel a trip, you will be informed no less than one month before the departure date.

Definitely. Our customers tend to be a mixture of couples, small groups, friends and single travelers. In fact, many single travelers join Keen trips as a way of meeting other like-minded travelers wanting to get off the beaten track.

Yes, we do pay commission on bookings you make with us. For more information on our commission structure and how to work with us please call us at 877-343-6637 or send us an email at

We have an interactive online booking engine, called “Tour Writer.” This innovative booking engine allows agents to book live space on our adventures, add services, retrieve invoices and vouchers, as well as order brochures.
To get started, please ask your manager for your username and login. Or, to have your agency sign up for Tour Writer. please have your manager complete the registration form to receive a unique username and password from us.
Once logged into Tour Writer, input the desired trip destination information, select the desired departure date and click on the “Reserve a Trip” button. Complete the questionnaire and a Keen Agent will contact you to confirm the details of your inquiry.

All of our itineraries are 100% tailor-made. Once you’re logged into Tour Writer, input the desired trip destination information, select the desired departure date and click onto the “Reserve a Trip” button. Complete the questionnaire and a Keen Agent will contact you to confirm the details of your inquiry. Each reservation will be on hold until the itinerary details have been confirmed with the local destination management company and the client.

Full name as it appears on their passport
Passport number and expiration date
Full mailing address
Date of birth
Emergency contact name and phone number
Details regarding any medical or dietary requirements

All of our trips require your client to have medical travel insurance which includes at least USD $200,000 worth of emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage. On Day 1 their trip leader / Keen representative will ask to see proof of coverage. Cancellation insurance is recommended but not mandatory. If for some reason you’re unable to provide your client with insurance coverage please contact us at: 1-877-343-3401 for a quote or use our online link to book.

Clients will receive an email confirmation from Keen or their respective agent upon booking confirmation, Keen will email you, or the client a detailed itinerary breakdown, destination e-brochure, list of emergency contacts, checklist, trip tips, and any further information required for their trip. Trip packets will be mailed to the client via FedEx upon request only.